Hello! And Welcome to my personal website. My name is Carlos Alberto Rivero Alpizar (AKA Aby). Professional Motion Graphics and Animation Artist with 15+ experience years in Animation, Television and Film Industry. Some of my career achievements, include several award winning projects while working at Animation Department of Cuban National Television (ICRT). Also being responsible of Animation Directing of Meñique, first Cuban 3D Animated Feature Film, while working at National Film Institute (ICAIC).

My International experience include working on two High-End Production Houses in Dubai (Real Image and Saluki Media) as Senior Motion Graphics / Animator, and recently working in USA for Cala Enterprises Corporation in the same role.

Able to work with different techniques: 3D and 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Infographics, Live Action. Currently based in Miami, Florida and working as Freelancer Artist, I’m able to collaborate and work for your projects and Ideas.


My principle “The video I’m making four you, will stand out loud!” In a catchy, memorable, pleasant and cost - effective way. You are welcome to choose from a wide range of tools: 3D, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Live Action, and mix them as you like. Your final output will live with an inner strength of 15+ years of experience, a unified visual voice, and powerful creativity.

I’m communicating every step of the creation process with you as a client. I’m hand crafting from concept, design, production to final output. Your feedback in every step is a must. The success of your video and your happiness with the final output it is my guarantee.

If you are looking for a Professional Artist to create Motion Graphics, Animation, Visual Effects and Color Correction, look no further. We are please to work together to ignite your business and outperform your competition. Your video will stand out loud!

Motion Graphic
Color Correction
Character Animation
Rigging/ Modeling /Texturing
Compositing / Visuals Effects


Motion Graphics

Motion Title Design, Infographics, Mockup Graphics, 3D Camera Tracking, Logo Animation, Lower Thirds. Using Adobe Suit.

3D & 2D Animation

3D and 2D Character Animation, Realistic Product Visualization, Fully CG Realistic Environments.

Color Correction

Professional Color Correction and Color Grading. Using industry standard DaVinci Resolve. Color Screen Keying and Cleaning.

Visuals Effects

Chroma Key (Green Screen) for Life Action Footage, 3D Animated Characters / CG Objects Compositing, and Visual Effects CG Generated.

Video Editing

Nonlinear Video Editing using Adobe Premier.

Story Board

Drawing Story Board and 2D - 3D pre-production Animated StoryBoard (Animatic).